Young Living is the only one-stop
shop for Essential Oils.

Their research, quality control, and testing is unsurpassed by any other company. We live in a world where we’re having to constantly question what’s in the products we use. Young Living makes this crystal clear with their Seed to Seal Process.

The Seed to Seal Process is the foundation of what makes Young Living pure and authentic. Young Living obtains their essential oils from plants and herbs grown from seeds they plant themselves with the help of University Experts. The seeds are then cultivated on Young Living Farms located around the globe. By using conditions most authentic to the plant you get the purest and highest standard of essential oil out there. 

Next, Young Living uses perfected techniques to distill the essential oils so they can then be tested in both internal and third-party labs. Young Living never accepts diluted, cut, or adulterated oils. So you can be assured that what you’re buying is genuine and free of synthetic chemicals.

Young Living seals all of their products in their Spanish Fork, Utah facility and ships to members worldwide. 


From Wispering Springs Farm to Your Home 

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