How do I sign up for a member account?

We are so excited you’re ready to dive into essential oils! We’re sure that you’ve been chatting with someone about oils so we recommend that you reach out personally to them. They will provide you with a member link for you to use to sign up (so you can make sure you’re part of their team). Once you click that link you’ll want to follow these easy directions:

  1.  Be sure to check Member to earn your 24% off any future orders.
  2. Then choose the Premium Starter Kit you'd like (the kit with either the Home or Dewdrop diffuser is $160, the rainstone is $205 and the Aria is $260) 
  3. Unless you are ready to dive in and know you want to be ordering often, go ahead and just say No Thanks for Step 3 about Essential Rewards. No need to worry about that right now!
  4. Now's a great time to add anything else if you want with your brand new 24% off discount. Some of our suggestions are Deep Relief, Valor II, Oregano, Joy, Release, and Believe. Let us know if you want support for anything specific and we’d be happy to help!

    Follow the process all the way through to the end, where you will receive a confirmation email! 

How long will it take for my Premium Starter Kit to arrive?

Typically orders are processed within 1-2 days and will arrive within 14 days. Times vary due to Holidays seasons or low stock. 

What’s the difference between a Retail account and MEMBER account?


  • Retail customers pay full retail price for all Young Living products.
  • Retail customers may not take advantage of the Young Living compensation plan or the Essential Rewards program.
  • Retail customers do not need to purchase a Starter Kit.


  • Enjoy 24% percent off retail pricing on your favorite products.
  • Participate in the compensation plan and earn commissions just by sharing Young Living.
  • Qualify for exclusive Young Living member events around the world.
  • Enjoy the benefits and convenience of Essential Rewards.

Who can I contact for Young Living support?

You may contact Young Living here:

Orders: 1-800-371-3515
Member Services: 1-800-371-3515
Mail: Thanksgiving Point Business Park
3125 Executive Parkway, Lehi, UT 84043

Or feel free to use the “Live Chat” feature once you are signed into your account.

What are Essential Rewards?

Enrolling in Essential Rewards (ER) is a great way to earn points on purchases, save money on shipping and so much more.
Read more about Young Living’s ER program here  and here or ask your upline.

How can I use Essential Oils?

We are fans of using our essential oils in a lot of ways!  As always please refer to the Young Living Oil Safety Guide

Are Essential Oils safe to ingest?

Please refer to the Young Living Oil Safety Guide

Are Essential Oils safe for children or babies?

Please refer to the Young Living Oil Safety Guide

Can I mix oils together?

While there are plenty of blends that Young Living has already formulated for use, there may be time when you want to make up your own. Feel free to experiment with your own blends, but as always test on a small spot beforehand and try to dilute if needed. Refer to the Young Living Safety Guide if you have any concerns or need information on “carrier” or “hot” oils.