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Quitting Your Day Job to Pursue the Life You Want

Quitting Your Day Job to Pursue the Life You Want

Even before I met my husband, I dreamt of a life where I could be home full-time, and raise a family. I’d have the freedom to use my time how I want and have the financial security that this life wasn’t going to go poof at a moments notice.

When I was laid off 4 years ago this life I desired was lit on fire. I knew if I worked my booty off I could create the freedom I wanted. What I didn’t realize at the time is the more freedom I had, the more I hurt for my husband.

Sure, he loved his job. I mean how many people on the planet get to design sports stadiums and arenas for a living?! But he was tired. His time off was limited. And he was in a constant state of stress. And for selfish reasons I wanted him home with me.

I wished for so long. It felt like a fleeting “someday, maybe”. There had to be a way to make this a reality without massive sacrifice in our lives.

Then it happened!!

Quitting Your Day Job to Pursue the Life You Want

He Left His Job

My husband, Jared, after nearly a decade as an Architect, left his career behind to pursue the life we get to design.

This is where you jump up and down, scream at the top of your lungs and then do a massive what in the heck did we just do?!

The last couple weeks have been a jumble of emotions as we figure out how this works, find a new routine and learn to separate life and marriage from work and business.

I know, at this point you have more questions than answers, but hear me out before you go making assumptions about what just happened.

What Now

Many of you know me from Boss Project where my business partner, Emylee and I have the pleasure of teaching women from all over the world how to pursue their passions and build a profitable and sustainable business.

What you may or may not realize is two years ago in my spare time I started another business, Simply Home. It all happened after I was faced with some rather challenging health concerns. I was recovering from a brain injury and suffering from chronic pain and migraines. Perfect time to start another business, lol.

But it was born out of a desire to heal myself from the inside out, to help others pursue their own health and wellness goals and build residual income for my family (hello, retirement plan).

So no, I don’t have any plans of leaving or transitioning away from Boss Project anytime soon. But I do have a desire to help more people and I simply couldn’t do it alone.

We’re In This Together

When I started my husband, like almost everyone else I knew, thought it was a phase. Or maybe a hobby. I don’t think anyone expected, myself included thought it would grow the way it has. That we would touch so many lives. And that so many people would take action one small step at a time.

What I didn’t expect was for Jared to fall in love with the company, to feel as passionate about helping others and have such an intense desire to educate. But maybe that’s why I fell in love with him in the first place, because of his giant heart and his helping hand.

It really just makes sense. Jared spent years studying plants while pursuing his Masters degree. He basically should have graduated with a secondary degree in horticulture. His love and passion for plants runs deep. It only makes sense that he would become completely enamored with their healing properties, taking cues from chinese and ayurvedic medicine.

Taking Back Our Health

While we never claim to be medical professionals, we have dramatically changed our own lives. WIth diet, exercise and replacing everyday products we use in our homes we’ve reversed dis-ease in the body. We have reduced our risk for diabetes, reversed metabolic syndrome, got our blood pressure in alignment, have lost nearly 90 pounds between the two of us, dramatically reduced pain and regained so much strength in the process.

To say we are completely different people would be an understatement.

To now take this knowledge and use it to empower families around the world to make better choices is an honor. To be able to do it alongside my spouse is a privilege. To watch my spouse shift his career and change his entire life is a blessing.

Join Us

But this isn’t just about us. We want to help you. We want to see you well and financially free. We want to help you pursue a better version of yourself, build a better path for your family. There is so much freedom, flexibility and abundance on the other side of this decision to better our lives and help others in the process.

We want you to be a part of this journey. Join hands with us! We have crazy plans for the next year. No less than quadrupling our business. And you can be a part of it.

If you have a desire to improve your health, take back your life, help and inspire others, generate wealth for your family and you are willing to put the heart work into it then apply now. We want to have you on our team. We are only accepting a limited number of applications so that we can guide you through this journey and give you the personal attention you need to be successful.

Take back your health and join our FREE Facebook community today. We have 12-weeks of meal plans ready and waiting for you to dive in.

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