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Online Influencer to Network Marketer

Online Influencer to Network Marketer

After growing an online education company to over half a million dollars some may wonder why open another business? I can see it in your eyes, “what was she thinking?”

Is it an exit strategy?

Does she want a way to leave her business partner?

Is her other business failing?

She can’t possibly need more, just why?

I get it, if I were you, I would wonder too. And all these are perfectly legitimate questions. First, let me be clear Think Creative Collective is going nowhere (as in I’m not leaving). Emylee and I have a wonderful relationship. In fact, I would venture to say we are better than ever. I just took out a 20 year Life Insurance policy on her if that gives you any indication.

Online Influencer to Network Marketer - Discover what's possible inside an MLM company!   |  SimplyHomeKC.com

But here’s the thing. I needed a project.

Over the past year we’ve shifted our business to allow for more time freedom, simplified processes and hired strategically. I had an urge to be creative, but didn’t feel it needed to be part of what we were already doing. I wanted to create my own sense of identity. I also wanted to test if the same methods of business apply (btw - they are identical).

The health and wellness space has always been on my heart. In fact for the majority of my life I thought I would end up going to medical school. And somehow or another I ended up in art school instead.

I could have continued to ride the wave and just allowed for more space in my life. But I felt called for more.

My mission now is to help others find their true calling and in the process live a simpler life.

At Simply Home, we strive to find that balance in our lives. It isn't about being perfect, but we are here to support one another. We stand for:

  • Creating a CHEMICAL-FREE, safe home

  • Showing up as THE BEST VERSION of yourself


  • Cultivating a community that DREAMS BIGGER, works harder and isn't afraid to lend a helping hand

  • NOT SETTLING for a lesser story than you were created for

  • GROWING EMPIRES that benefit the world around them

Online Influencer

As an influencer I’ve been able to show up for people in a way that feels like I’m part of their crew. We are on the same team and all working on a goal together. I get told frequently that people feel like they “know me” even though we’ve never had a conversation.

This relationship is by no means false.
In fact it’s very true.

This is what allows our audience to trust us on a level that they allow us into their businesses - catapulting them to new levels when they purchase one of our courses and take action.

Network Marketing

Utilizing those same skills I’ve taken it to a whole new level. Instead of having a one sided relationship, these people have become my real life friends. The kind of people I text when I’ve had a crappy day. Or call when I want to celebrate.

Selling is just a natural byproduct of this. In the same way you recommend your favorite restaurant to a friend, I’m recommending my favorite products for their home and family. Sure I get paid, but the same motivations apply. Coming at it with only the sale in mind leads to icky feelings and awkward relationships. Coming at it with genuine care in your heart and wanting them to live the healthiest lifestyle possible - quite frankly is just being a good friend.

In what other business can you hang out with friends all day. Chat up your favorite things - full on Oprah style. And get paid.

Not to mention - when they see success - you too are rewarded. And crazy well!

What’s Next

I’ve been beyond blessed to grow an amazing team of women I get to call friends. This is more than just business, it’s a lifestyle and we are taking it all the way to the top.

I love mentoring people so they too can pursue their dreams of financial freedom.

I want to bless the socks off people - like give bigger than I can even imagine right now.

I know it’s all possible, but only if you are willing to wake up to your possibilities.

The bug has already bit me. I know I’m bound for greatness, but I want to take people on this journey with me. If any of this has spoken to your heart, reach out. Whether you have an audience of zero or a hungry group of people who are ready for this I’m here to help you make your dreams happen and pursue the possibilities.

No Background Required

No sales experience needed. No fancy degrees. No aromatherapy certification. None of that.

Young Living Average Wages

For more info on pay visit youngliving.com/ids.

You just have to have a desire to change
and a drive to not give up.

Let’s make this happen together. If you are ready for bigger and better things - message me or click here to join my team. And we will get you all plugged in. I can’t wait to see where this journey takes you!

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