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Keep Going When Life Sets You Back

Keep Going When Life Sets You Back

September Weight Loss Weigh In

Sometimes you just have to roll with the punches and keep working the plan. Adjust the plan as things come up and keep focused on the goal, even when it seems impossible. This mindset is applicable to many things in the life, however, let’s look at it through the lense of grief and emotions.

Keep Going When Life Sets You Back. - Dealing with Loss & Grief while Losing Weight -  I'm Determined. - Healthy Snack Time.

Even the best laid plans can be put through a whirlwind that starts a spiral. August was planned to be the first entire month of working from home. However, mid month, my grandpa passed away. The week leading up to his passing it was a blessing I could be there supporting family. Meals became a challenge though as family and friends brought all sorts of food (I mean who can resist the gooey chocolate chip cookie when feeling all the emotions). Meal time was all over the place sometimes not eating lunch or having dinner way too late.

It really came down as I began to feel emotions. For the frist time in a long time (being a dude and all) I started to express my emotions (sadness, grief, questioning anger). And the more I expressed emotions, I leaned into food. The scale in August was a yo-yo and I worked my booty off toward the end of the month to not gain, but that also meant I didn’t lose.

September came and it was time to finally develop the new normal. But, grief as we know comes in waves. And top it off with feelings of shame that creep in (hello ego who starts questioning my heart’s desires related to career) and I found myself getting more lax. It was a week into September, that I had to give myself grace for the weeks prior and buckle down. That meant getting back on track and continuing to practice all the meal planning work we had done.

You see, sometimes the course of life just takes us off the path and veers us in a different direction. This is okay and something you should expect to happen. The key though to continued success is knowing how to get back on.

What worked for you in the past? If it worked and you saw results do it again! I tell you all this as encouragement to keep on going. It doesn’t really matter what the number on the scale is. What matters is it’s going down and you’re achieving your wellness goals.

Some things to consider when dealing with emotional waves in your life.

  1. Stop eating your emotions. Try to figure out when it’s time to step away. A 2-minute break or walk around the yard is so helpful.

  2. Bring your own food. One day I stopped at the grocery store and picked up chicken breast and quinoa. I got the eww quinoa reaction from some family members. It didn’t matter, I ate it anyway.

  3. Oil Up. Use Essential Oils to deal with your emotions. Diffuse Frankincense and Lavender (especially necessary when family drama might start).

  4. Call someone. Feel what you need and find someone to call during times of grief. One of the best things that happened was our campus pastor called to check in.

Grief sucks and it makes losing weight complicated. Just know you can do this and we’re here to support you through the process. Even if you get off track, it’s okay, and know you CAN get back on.

Even the best laid plans are expected to be interrupted. This is Murphy’s Law. No matter what, I’m still proud of the progress being made and results we continue to see.

Murphy's Law is that if it can go wrong, it will.  

Now the moment y’all have been waiting for, here are our numbers at the end of September:


-1.8lbs for September (-56lbs Total Since 1/1/19)
-2.25” for September (-61” Total Since 1/1/19)

Abagail Pumphrey - How to Lose 50+ Pounds - September


-1.2lbs for September (-40lbs Total Since 1/1/19)
-1.5” for September  (-36.25” Total Since 1/1/19)

Jared Pumphrey - Life Setbacks - Lose 40lbs - September

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