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10 Things No One Tells You About Needing To Lose 100+ Pounds

10 Things No One Tells You About Needing To Lose 100+ Pounds

A few days before the start of 2019 my husband looked at me and said it was time. He was ready to take this journey with me. The test results he received from his new primary care doctor were not as good as he expected. And the doctors response was one of lifestyle change instead of medications.

We both had tried it plenty of times on our own to various degrees of success. But this time was going to be different and I could feel it. Three weeks into it and I can already tell you we are off to smashing success - I’ll reveal our results for the month soon - but trust me we are crushing it.

10 Things No One Tells You About Needing to Lose 100+ Pounds  |  SimplyHomeKC.com

Now here are 10 things no one tells you about needing to lose 100+ pounds:

The Scale is Your Friend

I spent a long time having a bad relationship with my scale. But I’ve started to view it as a tool - one that will tell me when I’ve overdone it, or am retaining water, or my cycle is around the corner. The number on the scale is not as important as feeling the change in your body. Use the scale, instead, as a learning opportunity to learn something about your body and how you might tweak your journey.

Stop Counting Calories

Stop counting calories, or macros or points. I’ve done it all - and I’m sure you have too. But counting is only making you focus on short term things instead of the journey. If you have as much to lose as I do you are going to be at this awhile and constantly tracking every last bite is going to get old real fast. Now I’m not saying you can’t do this without some simple control - but you can do it without counting. Check out my Facebook group to see how I portion my plates to get a more balanced diet without having to constantly worry.

It Costs Less Than You Think

Eating organic, non-gmo, grass fed, etc. can get expensive. But not nearly as expensive as you think. We spend between $40-60 a week to feed 2 people EVERY MEAL at home - that’s 21 meals with at least 2 servings a meal, and often left overs. Don’t believe me - follow me at @abagailsays on Instagram - I share all our grocery hauls and am committed to tracking what we spend on food for a whole year. I’ll tell you right now the biggest secret is heavy produce and hardly anything processed.

Everyone Could Use a Detox

For a long time I thought detoxes were just for skinny people who just wanted to lose more weight. What I’ve come to realize is just how crucial they can be for people not just for an awesome opportunity to lose weight but to reset the body and make sure it is getting the proper nutrients it needs to function.

Detoxification is a natural function of a healthy body and it happens all the time through sweating, breathing and going to the bathroom. Your liver is in charge of this crazy process and it is doing it 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

When we kicked off our weight loss journey we started with a functional medicine Liver Detox - that was full of whole foods and jam packed with nutrients. In just 4 days I lost 12 pounds and I was able to jump start my journey. For the exact detox we followed along with recipes and shopping lists join our free Facebook group and we’d be happy to point you to that resource.

You Are Better Off Eating at Home

The craze in the weight loss world is telling you that you can eat anywhere and stay on plan. And while that is true to a degree - 1) it costs more and 2) there is so much unnecessary temptation.

While I’m not saying you have to give up eating out forever - if eating at home more meant weight came off faster would you do it? If it meant you’d save money would you do it? I’m committing to eating nearly exclusively at home - with the occasionally friends night out or birthday bash for a loved one. In January 2019 I’ll have eaten only 2 meals outside the home. And considering there were days I’d eat all 3 meals out of the house I’d say that’s a massive improvement.

An Organized Fridge is a Happy Fridge

I spent a lot of years with the grab and go stuff at eye level in the fridge and freezer. But at the start of the month we cleaned house. The first thing you see when you open the fridge is water. Next, fresh fruit and greek yogurt. The freezer is less of a hodge podge with things at any minute that will fall out and come crashing down on my big toe - to easy to find, easy to know what’s on hand at all time.

The key to keeping it clean is everything must have a home. They key to keeping it organized is we only ever buy exactly what we will need for the next week - not what’s on sale, not what looks good when we walk through the grocery - just what we need. More to come on this in a blog post very soon.

We Sit WAY Too Much

Not just overweight people, but nearly everyone I know is WAY to sedentary. And this one may feel obvious and one you’ve thought of many times - but why do we make this so complicated. If you have a lot to lose, even a little movement will go a long way.

I’ve committed to 30 minutes of movement everyday.

This doesn’t have to be a crazy workout with buckets of sweat. All of you, regardless of what you’ve decided you need to lose could benefit from a walk around the block with the dogs, a stroll around the mall (without stopping to shop - and bonus points the mall walkers in my town are super nice), a simple yoga routine or even just some simple stretching.

You Need to Know Your Poop (Yes, I said it)

Now you’re wondering what you’ve stumbled into, but before you skip this one I need to tell you...

When you wake up in the morning, have a glass of water, and you should feel the urge to have a bowel movement within about twenty minutes of waking. If it’s longer than that or if you require a cup of coffee in order to go to the bathroom then your constipated (yes, even if you eventually go later in the day). Your first bowel movement should happen soon after waking, because your liver has been working for the last twelve hours to get rid of yesterday’s waste.

Many people don’t realize that constipation is more than a simple annoyance. The lining of your large intestine is osmotic in nature, meaning the things can travel in and out through the membrane. If you don’t have an efficient transit time because your liver or large intestine is congested or you’re lacking the necessary nutrients for them to perform their function efficiently, the toxins and other chemicals working their way through this pathway can become reabsorbed into your bloodstream and continue circulating throughout your body. It’s essential that all your toxins and (used) hormones be removed and quickly.

Basically you need to know WAY more about your poop than you ever realized.

Your Pants Are Hurting Your Digestion

I’m pretty convinced most of my GI issues in my early 20s were because my pants were too tight. Did you realize wearing tight clothing can actually have some pretty crazy complications for your digestion?

Seriously here’s a few things that can happen when you refuse to go up a size:

  • Acid Reflux

  • Heartburn

  • Intestinal Pain

  • Bladder issues

  • Burning or Tingling in Your Legs

  • More trips to the restroom

  • Poor Digestion

But seriously, that urge to unzip your pants isn’t just because they are tight, it’s because your body is struggling to do its job.

Always Know What You Are Eating In Advance

How many times have you gone to the grocery store hungry? Now imagine you’re trying to lose weight and you walk in your kitchen starving? Both are horrible, stressful and completely preventable scenarios.

Throughout this whole process a week in advance I know every meal I’m making, have the exact groceries I need and still have flexibility to make what I want throughout the week (because you can have your dinners planned, but you can still pick which one you want tonight).

To make this thing really happen we are publicly holding ourselves accountable. Every step of the way I’m sharing recipes, and meal plans in our free Facebook group - so not only are we doing it, but you can do it right along with us.

To follow along with our weekly grocery runs, and my workout routines follow me on Instagram - @abagailsays.

We are here to help!

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