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Oily Gift Guide

Oily Gift Guide

It’s that time of year where we are all scrambling to find last-minute gifts that won’t just take up shelf space, but people can actually USE! I put together the ultimate Young Living Holiday shopping guide so you can knock everyone off your list and perhaps snag a few things for you too!

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Already rockin’ a kit? Then consider adding a few off these to your next Essential Rewards Wellness Box!

Quick Gifts

Perfect for friends, teachers, coaches and secret santa’s!

1. Brownie Mix in a Mason Jar + Peppermint Vitality Oil (typically 2-3 drops per batch of brownies, but gift a new bottle!)

2. Cute Mug + Tea + Honey + Thieves Vitality

Thieves - Young Living

3. Thieves Spray + Thieves Hand Purifier + Thieves Wipes

4. Glass Water Bottle + Lemon Vitality

5. All I Need is Coffee & Oils Mug

For Your Active Peeps

Great options for post workout!

6. Cool Azul Gel + Cool Azul + Panaway

Screen Shot 2017-11-20 at 4.26.42 PM.png

7. Yoga Kit

For Your Furry Friends

Screen Shot 2017-11-20 at 3.29.54 PM.png

8. ANYTHING from the Animal Scents line!

For Yourself… or someone you really like!

9. Customize a Savvy Minerals Makeup Gift Set


10. Savvy Minerals Holiday Collection (includes clutch)


11. Lip Balm Gift Set

12. Desert Mist Diffuser (comes with Peppermint + Tangerine)


13. Happy Spray Label + a bottle of Joy + Abundance + Lemon


15. ANYTHING from the Oily Shop - T-Shirts + Sweatshirts for Men & Women

Holiday Themed

16. Christmas Spirit + Nutmeg Vitality + Cinnamon Vitality (could put in oil drop ornaments or give with a mug and some homemade cocoa mix)

For the Men in Your Life

17. ANYTHING Shutran (3-in-1 body wash, beard oil, etc.)

18. Idaho Blue Spruce + Frankincense

19. AromaGuard Mountain Mint Deodorant + Lemon Sandalwood Bar Soap + Thieves Aromabright Toothpaste

Practical Gifts

20. Thieves Essential Rewards Set

21. Inner Defense + Life 9 + Thieves Hand Purifier

22. Lavender Oil + Dryer Balls

Books & MORE

23. Oil + Glass - Recipe Book

24. Essential Oil Pocket Reference

25. Gameplan + Workbook

26. Get Noticed - by Lindsey Teague Moreno

Online Influencer to Network Marketer

Online Influencer to Network Marketer

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