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Simply Home is a natural health and wellness community built on living a purpose driven life. We're encouraging (not pushy), helpful (not know-it-alls) and total goal-getters (sorry not sorry). Best of all, we're always looking to make new friends. Join our growing group of like-minded members and let's get back to the essentials, together.

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Our mission is helping people feel good, look good and live more by connecting them to a supportive community. Simply Home began when we were searching for quick, natural ways to get our health back. After countless hours studying functional medicine, trying chemical-free alternatives and pursuing our own health journey, we knew we had to share everything we learned. We built a community of people with the same goals. We’re unapologetically obsessed with making the world a healthier place, and we can’t wait to help you achieve a simplier life!

At Simply Home, we strive to:

  • Create a CHEMICAL-FREE, safe home

  • Show up as THE BEST VERSION of ourselves


  • Cultivate a community that DREAMS BIGGER, works harder and isn't afraid to lend a helping hand

  • NOT SETTLING for a lesser story than you were created for

  • GROWING EMPIRES that benefit the world around them


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Hi, nice to meet you!

We’re Abagail and Jared. Kansas City natives, born and raised, now living in a 1960s fixer-upper with two fur-pups Tilly and Hue.

Living a simple life is priority to us. What began as a journey to pursue our own health and wellness has blossomed into an entirely new lifestyle. We love simple products and simple ingredients - and when we can we’ll even grow it ourselves.


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